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Hey there, friend!
My name is Emily, and I am really into making people feel beautiful.

I fell in love with weddings while assisting another photographer for some extra cash back in 2014, and never looked back!

There's a few places I love more than anywhere else:

 with my two babies, handsome man, and pets on a Sunday morning--

 apron on and flour everywhere, trying out a new weird recipe,and--

on your wedding day, cheering you on and making you feel like a rockstar


snuggled up

in my kitchen

behind my camera

my sweet lil Fam


Baby R

I'm emily

Well, hey there!

I fell in love with wedding photography because

I think every single person deserves to feel stunning on their wedding day, and It fills me with so much joy to be a part of that!

I was disappointed in my own wedding photography, so i know the importance of having beautiful images to look back on years later!

weddings are unlike any other life event--they're the one and only time you have everyone you love in one place--they are so special!

interesting venue details

"oh I LOVE THIS!" is usually what you'll hear when I find a neat piece of furniture, a fun location, or an interesting detail to use in the composition of my images! Who doesn't love a vintage couch!?

tatted up brides

After one regrettable tattoo experience on my eighteenth birthday (hah) I have intense respect for people who invest in amazing body art! i really love when couples feature their tats instead of trying to cover them up--unique couples are my jam!

fun bridal parties

i love it when your friends put the "party" in "bridal party!!!"  energetic, supportive, and easy-going bridal parties are my absolute favorite--not only will your day go smoother, but "portrait" time will feel more like "party" time!

first looks

there is something so special about the moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time. those precious first glances are always some of my favorite wedding-day images!

"just married" moments

you walked in as two and walked out as one! that joyful skip back up the aisle makes my little heart so happy!  a big high-five and a "you did it!!" from me are waiting for you both as you walk past my camera and officially into your life as husband & wife!

wedding day faves